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Models Make Us Running on the World

Author: Mountriver TY Yu,  Source:  EE-Forum.org,  Published: 2012-09-04

Excerpt: How human and computer face the world? By models. The feelings in memories are models. There are abstract models on models. The reason why we smart is not only that we have models - but also updating the models by ourselves. For computer it's also true although its models might be taken by others.

wei_people_realityA person has to face reality, a computer as well. No matter what you faced think by yourself, from a third party view, it is the world. So-called face is first to touch it, to watch it, to listen to it, to sniff it – to feel it, then, to make certain reactions to the world on the feelings; for example, a mimosa.

However, how was a bird able to feed favorite berries again? Because she didn’t just feel, she also remembered. Compared with the new feelings, she had divided “me” from “the world”, in the repeated or changed results. The feelings in her memory were corresponding to certain parts of the world – they are models. The bird was thereby able to find the food desired through the models without repeatedly try all the things.

A clever bird edited her memories, the successful or failed, the pleasant or bitter, to picked out some properties and saved them as Favorite. Thus, she was able to find a variety of delicious berries more effectively and freely by check the Favorite. It could be said that she already had the ability to abstract what the model, that is, the Favorite represented had been not the individual object in the outside world but her fine food, a class.

It’s not hard to imagine the follow-up story: a group of smart “bird” agreed on a number of tokens so they were able to share their memories for each other. they faced the world in more and more complicated ways. They were even able to create a theory on some abstract models far from the feelings; excavated any thing from any corner of the world they want.

“The world is the totality of facts”, A big bird Wittgenstein said, “We make to ourselves pictures of facts.” And “The picture is a model of reality.” The facts in them brain were models; it mightn’t only get by touch and sniff, it might come from a particle accelerator, a car on Mars or some one around them, it was about certain parts of the world.

So, another big bird Stachowiak said: All “cognition is cognition in models and by models.”

A nameless bird twittered: Models make us running on the world; each “bird”  is a model-driven machine. The reason why we smart is not only that we have models – but also updating the models by ourselves. For computer it’s also true although its models might be taken by others.

(a writing exercise, just for fun)


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